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Dog Grooming Insurance Tools

Contents Insurance

Contents insurance protects you when the contents of your insured premises are lost, damaged or stolen

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cover for damage to fixed glass in windows, doors, shelves and mirrors, including the costs of repairing window frames and replacing alarm foil and lettering on the glass.

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Documents and Data

cover for the costs of reconstituting documents and electronic data which have been lost or destroyed.

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Fire and Theft

Cover for damage to the contents caused by Fire and Theft.

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Personal Effects

cover for damage to the personal effects of your employees or visitors to your premises, including theft of employees’ cycles from a building at the insured premises.

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Storm, Flood, Escape of Water

Cover for damage to the contents caused by storm, flood or escape of water.

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Accidental Damage

Cover for damage to the contents caused by accidental means.

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