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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any scope to chance the £250 policy excess?

Unfortunately not, the excess is set to £250 and cannot be changed. This is common across all commercial insurers to keep the potential of lots of small claims ruining the account and forcing the insurers to withdraw the product.


Do you cover sickness? Or what if I get badly bitten by a dog? Is there an option to include this? 

Yes, this would be covered under Personal Accident insurance.


It’s scary to be off work for a long period of time. Can you get an injury payout for how long you’re off work? 


The Personal Accident cover provides some short term protection, but for a longer term solution maybe look at Income Protection (not provided by this policy).


Are employees covered for absolutely everything? Can the salon be fully comp? At the moment, you almost need two policies to cover everything.

Obviously “Fully Comp” means different things, and our policy provides the widest cover possible, but it would be impossible to say it would cater for every eventuality, but the main ones are protected. You should only really need one policy with Dog Grooming Insurance.


Employers’ liability insurance covers you for compensation you have to pay to your employees for accidental injury to them in the course of their work they do for you, should you be proved to have been negligent.


We also provide Personal Accident insurance which can cover up to 5 insured people who work in the salon.



Is business interruption covered?

Yes, Business Interruption can be covered as an option. We will pay for your loss of income, loss of gross profit or loss of fees, where the interruption is caused by damage or certain other circumstances occurring during the period of insurance. Please refer to the policy wordings for conditions that apply.



Are the dogs covered in the salon? 


Yes, Dogs are covered under Public Liability Insurance, including cover for Vet Fees, Microchipping, Death or disappearance and Advertising and Reward.


Is Microchipping covered? 


Yes, Microchipping is covered. We can pay up to 5k per claim and 25k in total for the year.



What about extra services such as Teeth cleaning, is that covered? 

Yes, teeth cleaning is covered.



How about if I go out to shows and seminars? Do you have offsite salon cover? 

Yes that is also included as standard under your policy.

How will I receive my documents?

We provide all our policy documents and certificates as PDF's and they are available 24/7 on your account. If you need a paper version, please request this by email from our team.

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