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Liability Insurance for Dog Grooming

One of the most important covers you need when operating any business is liability insurance, but when you are operating a Dog Grooming business, you need specialist liability cover.

Dog Groomer working in a salon grooming a dog

It is vital to have Public Liability Insurance as a dog groomer because it can cover the cost of claims made by customers or members of the public for incidents that happen within your business, incidents that lead to "property" damage or injury.

In the world of Dog Grooming, the dog is considered to be "property" in this circumstance, and so if you injure, or heaven forbid cause the death of the dog, then a normal policy just will not cover you.

Our specialist policy can include cover for :

  • vet fees

  • death/disappearance

  • advertising and reward.

Without Public Liability Insurance, you are exposed to claims that can run into the thousands. Everyone makes mistakes and accidents happen. We can make it easier for you when they do.

Of course alongside this, there is also the legal requirement of Employers' Liability Insurance for you to consider as well, something you need to have in place if you have anyone working for you.

Whoever works for you legally has to be covered by an Employers Liability Insurance policy. It’s so important to have Employers Liability cover because If one of your employees ever became ill or had an injury within the work they do for you, you could be held liable.

We offer all this and lots more, like 0% direct debit to help you pay your premium and you can get a quote and cover in a matter of minutes online here.

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