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Dog Grooming Insurance tools

Professional Indemnity

Professional indemnity insurance covers you for compensation you have to pay to your clients or any other third parties as a result of problems with your work.  We will also pay your legal defence costs incurred with our agreement for covered claims.

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Negligence / Breach of Duty

Cover if you fail in a duty of care to your client, perhaps giving incorrect advice or making a mistake in your work.

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Intellectual Property

infringement of intellectual property rights like copyright or trademark.

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Cover for work undertaken on your behalf by sub-contractors or outsourcers.

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Advertising / Branding 

Cover for mistakes such as inadvertently defaming or infringing on the copyright of a third party.

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Cover for mistakes and errors you make for libel and slander.

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Cover for dishonesty of your partners, directors, employees, sub-contractors and outsourcers

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