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Employers Liability

Employers’ liability insurance is compulsory cover for most companies with employees. It covers you for compensation you have to pay to your employees for accidental injury to them, occurring during the period of insurance and in the course of their work for you.

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Bodily Injury or Disease

We will pay for claims against you arising from death, bodily or mental injury or disease of an employee or volunteer arising out of their work for you.

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Criminal Defence Costs

We will pay for legal costs to defend you if any government or any administrative or regulatory body brings a criminal action against you in relation to a claim.

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Defence Costs

We will pay for defence costs incurred with our agreement for covered claims. These costs are included within the limit of indemnity.

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Employees Judgements

We will pay for your employees’ judgments for bodily injury which remain outstanding against any defendant for six months, provided that the injury arose out of their work for you, we would have covered your liability if you had caused the injury, and the judgment is assigned to us.

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